Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Calling Leaf Nation

Since it’s Halloween I figure it’s a good time to call out the ghouls and goblins.

As you might have noticed, there is a noticeable lack of Leaf content. This isn’t normally a bad thing but it makes for a one-sided Battle of Ontario here. So, if you have a blog or even if you don’t, here’s your chance to join the awesomest sophomoric hockey Battle site in the blogosphere. The expectation is that you’d be awesome too and contribute a few posts a week.

Here’s how it’s going to happen:

Send me (don.battleofontario@gmail.com) a guest post on the Battle of Ontario – from a Leaf fan’s perspective. If it’s not really, really bad then I’ll put it on the site. If you've got a blog already and want to cross post an entry here then send me the link. After a while we’ll decide who gets the invitation for the full-time position with all the benefits membership entails based on my opinion, the Godfather, and the BoO readers.

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