Tuesday, October 24, 2006

For those of us Out of Towners

Thanks to Sacameno at BoA and kinger at Always on the Road for pointing out the TVU Network - a P2P streaming deal that broadcasts games over teh internets.

I'll sample it for the first time tonight as they plan to show the first of the Leafs-Sens home and home. It's currently free, but looking through the discussion forum it looks like the inevitable commons tragedy is in the works as the Leafs fans are elbowing their way to the front of the buffet table:

With all the complaining about Leaf games by non-Leaf and leaf fans, I propose a possible solution. Show only Leaf games that will be broadcasted on Leafs tv. This will prevent the mass chaos that was last Thursday.

There are a lot of leaf fans outside the toronto region, but there are more leaf fans that don't have leafs tv due to it being a exclusive channel. This will also bring back polls for games. the polls will exclude all leaf games, but when a leafs game is on leafs tv, that game will be shown.

seriously, I don't feel one iota of sadness for a Leaf fan in Canada that can't get a game on Leafs TV, you get 10,000 hours of coverage a week.

I do feel for the Leafs fans overseas that get no games at all, so I'd rather just the best and most entertaining games are shown, regardless of "Leafs TV"

People on this board need to come to the realization that there are alot more leafs fans here than any other team. One look around this forum would tell you that.

I've actually seen more Canucks fans posting thank you's to kago [moderator], and all the Leaf fans spamming and whining about not being catered to because they are Leaf fans and they deserve more than any other fan for this reason or that.

Your statement right there should go in the "why do people hate leaf fans" thread. Unfounded Arrogance.


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