Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Game story

I think a sign that the emotional rivalry is picking up is that the talk today on the radio and blogs isn't entirely on the final score. Kilger's spear on Schubert and Tucker's attacking Eaves is what people are discussing.

I found this opening paragraph of the CP story to be laughable:
Toronto Maple Leafs forward Darcy Tucker has evolved from a temperamental NHLer to a cool, calm leader.
Right up there with Kim Jong-il. Tucker shows himself yet again to be a player who lives on the edges of what is acceptable in the game even though he has put up numbers and could play a style of game that would be respected . Eaves stood up for himself - we can draw comparisons to previous Senator 'skill' players - and showed some more of the character on the team.

After 3 rounds, this year's battle still lacks a storyline in my opinion. Three games with three lopsided scores. We'll see if tomorrow's match changes that.

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