Thursday, October 05, 2006

Game 2

My prediction was the closest - I rule.

Tonight we'll see the Sens win again but it won't be as close. 6-1.

Three quick points:

- Let's hope the rink is more electric than the ACC last night. The prolonged event before the game must have killed the buzz. From Pension Plan Puppets:
Where was the crowd enthusiasm? I bet the decible level at the ACC never rose above 80 db's all night. (Ed.'t Note: It was almost embarrassing. The platinums were, predictably, empty in the first five minutes before and after each intermission. This will drive me insane during the three games that I will watch from the purples.)
- I couldn't believe the power play unit I saw on the ice for the Leafs in the third. They are down by 2 goals and need one badly and who does Maurice ice? Battaglia, O'Neill, Pohl, White, and Wozniewski! Wow.

- I could have gotten tickets to tonights game but, alas, my daughter's birthday is today. She owes me big time.

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