Thursday, October 19, 2006

Need more cowbell*

Alright. This blog is quickly become the greatest hockey blog in the history of hockey blogs that exclusively cover a NHL rivalry consistenting of two teams based in Ontario. Agreed?

However, I think there may be a way to improve upon it - hold on, don't scroll down or click away - I'm serious here. I know what you're thinking. Talking about improving the current site is like talking about chocolate becoming browner. Give me a second.

Here's the problem - I have found myself actually trying to be 'balanced' in some posts. This is a very serious situation. 'Balance' might develop into something like sympathy for the 40 year old train wreck that is the Leafs.

It is therefore incumbent upon me to call out the three 'Leaf' supporters on this blog. Either buck up and post for your team or, or, or I'm going to develop a split personality and post as Idiot Leaf Fan.

Either that or we bring in another Leaf contributor.


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