Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some reaction

Scarlett Ice:
Tucker needs to learn how to take a hit without bitching about it. Eaves and Tucker were battling along the boards for the puck and Eaves gave him a completely legal hit which caused Tucker to fall. I guess he didn't like to be embarrassed by a young'in like Eaves because he immediately reached out and challenged him while Eaves was skating away.

Hockey Country:
Martin Gerber in the third period. I was getting flashbacks of Patrick Lalime, and it sure seemed like the Leafs were too based on how often they were firing the puck from any and every angle. Gerber had a decent enough game overall but was not very reassuring at various points and has pretty much established himself as the worst puckhandling netminder in franchise history. And considering we’ve had both Lalime AND Hasek, that’s saying a lot.

Chris (as in 'Who the hell is Chris Stevenson?') Stevenson:
Senators centre Jason Spezza has been criticized this season by coach Bryan Murray, but he drew raves tonight. "He had one shift tonight that was as good as he's ever had in my two years here," said Murray.

Neate Sager:
Seriously, can the politically connected suits at Maple Leaf Sports score some sweetheart deal where they receive federal disaster relief for every second Wade Belak is out on defence? The big plug gets another penalty for putting Mike Fisher in the kind of hold that usually comes with a 2-drink minimum.

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