Thursday, November 26, 2009

What's the matter, can't stand the heat?

I just want to say how typical it is that after a Leaf win and a Sens loss, not one Senator fan comment and it's 11am.

If those roles were reversed this morning, there would be 30 comments and two posts from THM by now.

Ya, I'm calling you all out!

(Insert "300" shot, me with my sword and 10,000 gruesome looking Sens fans now running towards me!)

Here's a question to wet your appetite:

Is Corey Clouston proving that he has absolutely no clue how to coach star players? Lets do the math here. Heatley asks to be traded and Spezza along with Kovalev have done absolutely squat this season. Sure, Clouston has Carkner, a career AHLer playing better than he ever has, but is this because that's all Clouston should be, an AHL coach?

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