Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How you doin'?

Looking through the box score last night, I noticed Antoine Vermette and Anton Stralman scored all of the goals for the Jackets. Besides the fact they almost have the same first name, as you know they are both ex players from the BoO.

Got me wondering how other ex Leafs and ex Sens are doing these days?
Here's a few of them...

19 assists and a goal in Atlanta. That makes him tied for 4th in the NHL in assists. His hefty raise to $4M looks maybe like it's been worth it for Atlanta. Was Burke too quick to trade this guy?

8 points and a -3 in 16 games for the Oilers. Word is Pat Quinn already hates him with a passion because he's selfish and unmotivated. Ok... I made that last part up.

Once the "future" in Toronto, this 24th overall draft pick has 2 points in 7 games and has made Cliff Fletcher look pretty sharp, for an old guy.

Sent to Columbus in a deal that brought back Porcelain Pascal, it seems Vermette just needed a change of scenery. He's just under a point per game since the move. Thankfully, his trade means we won't have to see him shirtless on this blog anymore. Because seriously, that just makes us feel bad about ourselves.

CARLO COLAIACOVO: Speaking of porcelain, the cursed one seemed to find his game and his luck in St Louis. He's scoring at a rate of about .5 points a game, playing close to 20 minutes a night and so far his only setback has been the flu. Oops, did I just jinx him?

Since we get a stats comparison between him and four Sens every third day, I don't need to tell you he's 1st in goals with 18 and 4th on points in the NHL. Everyone is happy in Ottawa though because there are four Senators that have more points combined as he does right?

Since requesting a reported $1.5M more than the Leafs would offer and then being traded, Moore must be kicking himself in the ass. He's a non-factor in Florida and making one million dollars instead of close to two. Our only hope is that Florida really really want to reunite him with Jason Blake.

He's actually a +2 in Calgary which is great for a grinder/fighter. He has a few points as well and is making $500K. Playing for a cup contender must also be pretty nice. And for all that, all he has to do is get his lips punched off by Colton Orr once in a while. That has to beat playing for Ottawa.

There are more. Feel free to add more if you like and they don't have to be recent even. Pot shots at other BoO team however are mandatory.

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