Wednesday, November 25, 2009


-According to some local Toronto sports shops, Leaf jerseys have dropped in sales by up to 25%.
-Scalpers say they are lucky to get face value for non weekend game tickets.
-Reports out of MLSE say some of the Leafs corporate boxes are remaining empty for the first time since the ACC came into existence.


Enough said folks.

So with that brutal record hanging over their head and some of their most potent efforts resulting in OT losses this past week, is there any way the Leafs will get out from under this darkness? While no Leaf fan in their right mind thinks the playoffs are even a distinct possibility anymore, some believe there is still opportunity for the team to grow and win some games and climb into a position of respectability. Right now finishing the season in 11th place and handing Boston the 7th overall pick would be a victory. That's how bad things are.

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In Ottawa, three straight wins against good teams has certainly shut up those who said an easy schedule was the reason for the Sens decent start. I'm one of those people. So I'll eat some crow. Maybe the Sens are better than I think?
(take that in)
I'm sure one could try and argue that the Pens are playing crappy hockey right now and the Caps were exhausted from a compressed road trip. But a W is a W, and the Sens have some breathing room and a playoff spot. Toronto don't.

I just hope that any "I told you so's" out there from Sens fans are diluted by a loss tonight. So... Go Devils!

Leafs get TSN and the Sens are relegated to back-up TSN2 where if you tuned in today at 3pm you could have watched the Stihl Chainsaw competition (Duff?).
Hey, at least we still get prime billing Leaf fans... although that may not last long either.

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