Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stitches in my mouth. Lightness in my step.

You know that were an abused bunch when the fourth win in 21 games can make us feel so good.

...Like a hobo finding an unopened can of tuna in a dumpster.

...Like thinking Cancun is "awesome" because you've never had a vacation before.

...Or, on a hot day when even a Carling tastes good, because that's all they have.

There was something about those helmets on backwards, the 5'10" Toskala standing taller and Phil Kessel sniping one in front of the home crowd that helps numb the agony of these last two months. Heck, one might really get ambitious and see last night as the big turning point - the night the Leafs learned to relax and have fun and then slayed a dragon.

Of course, I have a mouth full of stitches and some of the best pain killers my company health insurance can buy. So it's possible that I'm completely off my face right now.

Happy Sunday.


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