Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chicago Good. Leafs and Sens, bad.

Seeing as the Leafs are sucking ass and the Sens have lost 2 straight, it's kind of quiet around here. However I have to give a shout out to the city of Chicago and Blackhawk fans - because they deserve it.

What an amazing night Friday was.

The Hawks fans at United center treated me and my friend like guests in their home. They were constantly coming up to us and asking where we're from and wanted to talk hockey, which was really unexpected. They were warm and friendly and I think enjoyed having a whole bunch of Leaf fans in attendance. And there were a lot of us.

Blackhawk fans are REALLY into their team. Being there live during the Star Spangled Banner was a real treat. Leaf fans at the ACC could learn a thing or two about setting the tone in the building. It was awesome down there and I have no doubt it's the #1 reason the Hawks are coming out of the gate so strongly in their games.

Hawks fans, the people who run the United center concessions right down to the cabbie who drove us there - Thank You for an awesome night.

Overall, an amazing experience.

What was also really cool was the guys to our right were diehard Bruins fans in town for business. Awesome guys, totally know their hockey... but OUTRAGED that Chiarelli let Kessel go and continuously told us how lucky we were to have him. They didn't kick me and my friend's asses for having Kessel jersey's though. I appreciated that.

One last thing: It wouldn't be the Battle of Ontario unless I posted something about Ottawa. Two things happened Friday night. One was a Chicago fan came up to my buddy while I was in the washroom and just screamed "Sens Suck" and high-fived him. Secondly, of all the Leaf jersey's we saw the best was the guy who had actually paid good money to have the words SENS SUCK sewn on his shirt.

I am actually still really curious - was that you Jared?

I recommend you go down and see a game there.

I am going to see the Leafs in Philly in March it looks like. Chicago has set the bar huge. Awesome people, awesome city, can't say enough good things about it.

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