Tuesday, October 06, 2009

We gonna get it on cause we don't get along!

Six rounds this season in the BoO

We'll call this one the tune-up. Where you measure your throws because this early in the season you're just not quite sure what your opponent has and even what you've got to give.

It's not Ali, but Fisher's starting with the as much trash talking as you'll probably get:
"Their back end is definitely very physical, but at the same time, there are not a lot of guys, other than (Tomas) Kaberle, that handle the puck, so we've got to make sure we're pressuring them and getting on them," Fisher said. "They'll turn the puck over, we saw that the first two games."

Is it Gustavsson for the Leafs? Fans of the Blue and White hope he passes his first on-ice test better than his driver's test.

Obviously neither team wants to drop this game.  The Leafs are under tremendous pressure to tighten up their defence - if their struggles last a week I think we'll start to see ink on subtle jabs and questions with regards to Burke's UFA choices and his gamble on Kessel without seeing what his situation really is in net and defence.

The Sens play their home opener on Thursday.  Saturday's loss looked really familiar to Sens fans and it struck a nerve.  Another one like that and the call-in shows are going to be
in mid-season form.  

So sing the anthem and bring it on Godfather!

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