Monday, October 12, 2009

Stalberg practices, Toskala to start against Rangers.

Hopefully Stalberg will realize he's in the NHL now and will use his breakneck speed, to, well, not get his own neck broken. Sadly, he's not likely to play tonight, but Vesa gets his coaches vote of confidence. Not because Wilson thinks he's a good goaltender. Can't be. He has eyes like the rest of us. So I'm hoping this move is to teach is team a valuable lesson now while it's still early - PLAY BETTER and TAKE RESPONSIBILTY. Even teams with average tenders can win games with stingy play and hard work.

Question is, can the Leafs do this for 3 periods? We'll see.

I just hope Rosehill gets a game on a top 2 line. He earned it. What a gem this guy has turned out to be.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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