Monday, October 12, 2009

Turkey Day Thread: Sens v. Pens

It's only fitting that on Canadian Thanksgiving Day, the NHL is feeding the Ottawa Senators a bird. Ok, so it's not the traditional turkey, but Penguin must be considered a gourmet offering in these parts.

Last night's freeze warning from The Weather Network failed to materialize so the Penguins shouldn't get too comfortable.  

Tonight will be the first significant test for the Ottawa Senators and their new found ability to actually beat the opposing team.  I'm not expecting a total dominating victory or, let's be realistic, a win.  It'll be nice, but as long as it's kept respectable and the Pens are made to really work to win, we'll be in a happy place at the end of it.

Leclaire will get the start and his value will be truly tested with Crosby-Malkin on the ice at the same time as Carkner-Campoli or Eriksson-Picard.  Fortunately the Sens have last change tonight, but expect the ice time for these guys to be substantially lower than their 18:02 (Karlsson) and 17:51 (Carkner) ice time averages thus far.

This one is going to OT.  2-2.   Crosby with the SO winner*

*I reserve this asterisk for future use in the thread.

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