Friday, October 16, 2009

74 Words that will make Leaf fans happy.

Injured winger Phil Kessel (shoulder) looked tremendous while working out at full speed with the team today. This was Kessel's second practice, but he was right up to tempo in terms of skating and shooting

There's been plenty of speculation the past two days that Kessel is well ahead of the original projected return of mid-November. Kessel says he has a return date "circled in his mind," but wouldn't say what the date was.

I had a disclaimer here but removed it. Screw it. I like the predictability, have at it...

A few thoughts before I shut the laptop and head downstairs for a beer...

1. Would anybody who barked that Kessel only succeeded last season because of his Bruins line-mates now think that maybe it's the Bruins that miss him? So far Krejci with two assists... Boston fans wondering if the money went to the right guy by now?

2. Who agrees that Ottawa has a ridiculously easy schedule until mid-November? I see only a few games against teams that made the playoffs last year. Best continue to take advantage. Mid November through December looks a hell of a lot tougher.

3. Anybody actually think the Leafs will win Saturday night against the Rangers? I don't. Which leaves a whole week for the media and fan hyper-tension to grow. It may be the longest 7 days some of the newer Leafs have ever experienced.

4. Four Leaf goaltenders and not one has shown they can be an NHL #1 goaltender this season. Phil, you better score a shitload of goals son!

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