Saturday, October 10, 2009

By the numbers

4 Games played by Ottawa
Games won by Ottawa
0.750 Ottawa's point percentage

4 Games played by Toronto
Games won by Toronto
Toronto's point percentage

6 Point percentage ratio: Ottawa/Toronto

2 The number of goals scored by Mike Fisher in 3 games this year.

68 The percentage of faceoff wins by Mike Fisher (coincidentally, that's twice the faceoff win percentage of my g/f in her first ever hockey game tonight).

1 Number of goals scored tonight by Kovalev (it's a start!).

+3 - Matt Carkner's +/-

-5 Francois Beauchemin's +/-

10 Number of shots by Jason Blake
0 Number of points by Jason Blake

4.97 Vesa Toskala's current GAA

And the best for last:

15 Number of players on the Maple Leafs who have scored fewer goals than Matt Carkner.

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