Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Kovalev dishes on Alfie, Kostitsyn & Markov

Recognizing his popularity with much of the francophone community through his time with the Habs, has invited Kovalev to be an occasional contributor on hockey matters.

A few of the high-lites from his first entry:

  • The Sens have a better veteran-rookie communication structure.  Sounds like the Habs stopped talking when things got bad.  Who gets the credit?  Alfie, of course;
  • Kostitsyn is a suckhole;
  • Markov is a huge loss for the Habs (and to DJ on the BoOB);

How often can we expect to see Kovalev pining for his old team in his personal blog? 

"at least once or twice a month"

That is, unless he doesn't like it anymore.

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