Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I hereby declare the Official 2008 BoO Deadline Thread...


As of midnight on the left coast, we've got the other Vinnie headed back to Philadelphia for Alex Picard and a pick.

Mirtle has also linked to reports of a possible Richards - Smith swap between Tampa and Dallas, as well as a Hossa - Ryder deal between the Thrashers and Habs.

Will we get any last minute shockers like last year's Ryan Smyth deal? Which Battle team will make a move first? Which major sports website will crash first? How ridiculous will Eklund look? What percentage of national GDP will be lost today due to hockey fans refreshing their browsers every 30 seconds?

Keep us posted in the comments, and if our token french Canadian finally gets shipped off to Georgia or Tennesee, I may just need a shoulder to cry on.

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