Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy Belated Hockey Day

Congrats to our new Leaf overlords for cheapening what I thought was the 07-08 Senators performance of the year (Leafs>Sens>Wings??!!). Still three more BoOs to go, though, and by the time the last two roll around, we should expect distinctly different lineups for both squads.

Thanks to squeaking out a win against Florida on Thursday, the Sens will retain control of the East after tonight one way or another, however, a statement needs to be made with a healthy lineup and a goalie who looked to be finally gaining some confidence. The best looking lines of the year will hopefully be back as follows:


And speaking of statements, Friday brought news that Redden invoked his no-trade clause in a possible deal with the Sharks. The leak upset Murray and forced Redden to issue a statement claiming he wants to stick around and win a cup (surely San Jose would also be considered a contender?). In any event, it's time to move on and consider that the best way to cover up his defensive liabilities and soft play is to keep playing him and Corvo with the pizza line whenever possible. When that line is having a night, the puck is constantly under their control and 6 and 7 can pinch in with relative impunity. The downside, of course, as exposed in the Anaheim series and during the recent spate of injuries, is that when Pizza gets neutralized by an aggressive checking line, it's a pretty awful sight in the Sens end.

Onward we go. Sens 4, Habs 1. Heatley x2 (23 goals in 26 games - you gotta believe!), Redden, Neil.

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