Saturday, February 02, 2008

Fresh Meat

Just in time for the latest installment, BoO Alum The Meatriarchy has his site up and running again complete with a nifty blue paint job:

There is a media generated myth out there that Toronto fans won’t stand for a rebuilding. In fact it is the media themselves that won’t stand for it. At this point in history the Leafs for the first time seem to be on the verge of actually tearing the whole thing down and starting with a fresh slate. This could mean another three years of horrible hockey teams. Not just mediocre but downright horrible. Remember all the teams that are now looked upon as future dynasties (Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Chicago) were truly awful for a number of years. In fact Buffalo and Pittsburgh were so bad the viability of the franchises was in some doubt for a time. While the Leafs will certainly never teeter on the edge of financial ruin you can bet that if they stay at the bottom for another two years the same scribes who were screaming for a rebuild will dig out their “how can they charge that much for a crappy product, they are lining their pockets and taking the fans for suckers” columns and then a week later complain that the fans are too impatient and aren’t willing to wait for a rebuild.

Had he known there was steak on the line, he might have run away with the BoOB title this year.

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