Saturday, February 09, 2008


"Nicklas Lidstrom appears ready to lay out the "Welcome, Mats" sign. The Red Wings captain was up front yesterday about his desire to have Leafs captain Mats Sundin join Detroit for the club's playoff run".

Nick. Haven't you been listening to Sens fans? Nobody wants Leafs at the deadline. What the hell do you know anyway?

"This year hasn't been great for me personally." -Darcy Tucker

Thanks for clearing that up. We had no idea.

"Ottawa has struggled without Alfredsson in the lineup. Before their 5-4 victory over the Florida Panthers on Thursday, the Senators had lost all six previous games this season without him."

Man, this team doesn't handle injuries very well huh? That's OK, it's only the playoffs coming and I'm sure Ottawa will be 100% healthy throughout. Nothing to worry about.

"While the 30-year-old currently has no interest in leaving Ottawa, a city he has spent his entire 11-year NHL career with, it's highly unlikely he'll return next season."

And here I thought Emery was a distraction. Imagine being in the dressing room now?

"Forward Nik Antropov will return to the lineup today after serving a three-game suspension for tossing his stick and having it land near on-ice officials".

Back in the line-up, hockey day in Canada, against the winningest team in the NHL. No pressure.

[PPP addendum]
"The most dangerous lie of our time arose from this great article by this great article by Kim Jorn. He did a great job of showing how clueless the Montreal cabbie was but in the comments a blatant falsehood made an appearance. A lie that I have heard perpetrated with pride by Montrealers repeatedly and echoed by an inebriated bird-watcher:"

What is this lie? Find out and see it debunked here. I think you know where it'll take you but I get to link to whatever I want.

(Jay will have your HDIC gameday thread along soon I would imagine)

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