Sunday, February 24, 2008

Battle On

Tomorrow is the 6th of the season between the Sens and Leafs. The story so far:

Game 1 in Toronto: Sens win 4-3 in OT
Game 2 in Ottawa: Sens win 3-2
Game 3 in Ottawa: Sens win 5-1
Game 4 in Toronto: Leafs win 3-1
Game 5 in Toronto: Leafs win 4-2

Looks like home ice has meant something this year. Game 6 is here in Ottawa and is on Sportsnet.

If any of the guys Fletcher wants to move waive their NTC, expect them to miss this game. McCabe and Sundin are the two I guess are left as Tucker is staying for the good of the team and it seems like nobody wants Kubina.

What will be the effect? It could fire up the Blue team and they get them playing over their heads. They could come out and mail it in. They've clawed their way from 29th to 27th. Just a few more to get out of a lottery pick.

The Sens? Will Emery get tapped again? They play the next night in Boston so I'm sure each will get a start. Did yesterday's game break the team out of their funk or will it enforce an attitude that makes the team think they can turn it on at will?

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