Thursday, February 07, 2008

Game Night in the Northeast: The Beratings Will Continue Until Moral Improves

Habs vs. Leafs on now.

Sens vs. Panthers up in 15.

Who's feeling the most bummed out after Tuesday night's debacles? Is it Spezza, the crutchless wonder? Meszaros, looking like that Timbit kid who does a face-plant in the commercial? Marty Gerber, who once again lost his starting job to the likes of Ray Emery? Mats Sundin, embarrassed enough by another 8 goal torching to waive the no-trade clause? Saku Koivu, after being benched by Carbo?

Life will be sunnier at the BoO after a 3-1 Leafs win (Tucker, Sundin, Kaberle) and a 5-1 Senators win (Heatley x2, Spezza, Corvo, McAmmond).

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