Wednesday, January 18, 2006

You're lucky

It's a good thing for you Leaf fans that I'm too busy thinking/blogging about the election to write anything about the string of losses the Leafs have put together.

Because if I did have the time I'd write something about the lack of any blueline depth and what it means for the Leafs come Saturday and Monday when they face the Sens without McCabe.

It's not going to be pretty. Or it is - depending on your perspective.


  1. Ya ,I was wondering what happened to The Blue fans myself.I guess they are waiting for the playoffs.My hunch is that they will be waiting for "DRAFT DAY".

  2. Hey, the Sens fans have hardly been burning up this page either... 5 days since the last post? Blame both ways, chico. As for the Leafs, imagine a team with its two top scorers injured, and losing, too!
    Such a thing could never happen in Ottawa. In the last week, anyhow.

  3. Sundin has no Hart!

  4. The difference being, Ottawa didnt go on a four game losing streak... Ottawa was also not just missing its top two scorers, you must throw in Havlat and Bochenski into that mix