Friday, January 20, 2006

In The Spirit Of The Season

In the last two so-called "battles", the good guys have outscored their opponents by a score of 16 to 2, resulting in a pleasant spring day differential of +14.

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+1 Sens
Leafs Will Outscore Sens


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  1. With McCabe out and Spezz back, it could get ugly. If they can't keep it close, watch out.

    Just so long as we win them. Is Hasek starting both?

    4 regular season BoO left by my calendar and two are this weekend. Next one's not until March. Be there Ottawa!

  2. I think both games will be close and maybe even a split.This will be the closest the Leafs come to a playoff series this year because come Tuesdays morning they will be on the outside looking in.(just like the Liberals)

  3. You know I'm only saying this out of fun, so please don't beat me up too badly, but is it just a coincidence that we see Torontonians supporting both the Leaves and the Liberals in such numbers?

    As I type this, the score in tonight's game is 4-0. But Paul Martin is promising a Leaf victory by coming back 4-2.

  4. 5-0 now... Bwahahah! I love it. Spezza and Heatley in the hockey pool, I'm sitting pretty now.

  5. Touchdown! (With the one-point PAT).

    In a related note, Paul Martin claims it as a victory for the Leafs, citing the reduction in Sens proficiency from the previous two meetings.

  6. It's obvious that the Leafs are just too slow for the new NHL.Their rookies seem to be OK but players like Sundin,O'Neil,and even Balfour just can't get it up any more.When you have to hook McGratten to catch him you Know you are too slow.....then again most Leaf fans are a little "slow" too!!!

  7. At least we can spell Belfour!

  8. Sorry 5-0,....he's on his back so much that i don't get a chance to see how his name is spelled.

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