Thursday, January 19, 2006


By The Meatriarchy

What can we say right now about the play of the Leafs? The slump that they are mired in has effectively wiped out the gains of the winning streak they went on just previously (where they were 8/10 or something) and put them right back into the battle for eighth and suddenly teams that were under performing like Atlanta or Jersey are now playing like world beaters while teams that had been sliding like Montreal are once more finding their footing and starting to win again.

You can't control what other teams are doing you have to control your own destiny. So they say in the world of professional sports. However the Leafs have been unwilling to do that as of late especially when they have been handed gifts. Like last nights gimme just 2:47 into the first period when Stajan scored shorthanded on a brutal giveaway in the Wild zone.

This mirrored the previous nights game in Colorado when the Leafs scored just 59 seconds into the first period but yet went on to lose by an identical score 5-3.

In fact in the past four games of this losing skid the Leafs have scored first in every game. They have also had shorthanded goals in two of them. Usually scoring first or scoring a shorthanded goal is an indicator that you will win the game. Going into this four game slump the Leafs were 15-4 when scoring the first goal.

On top of the ugliness of the past four games on the score sheet, today we find out that Alexander Khavanov suffered a rib injury in last night's game. Not that Khavanov has been a world beater this year but he certainly has been steady. So now we face the prospect of having to break the slide in Ottawa with two games against the Sens.

Who has a better chance of winning Monday night? The Leafs or Paul Martin's team?

Incidentally the game last night was so maddeningly boring that even when the score was 2-2 and 3-2 I was flipping over to watch the National. And I hate the National.

I guess there was nothing on the Playboy Channel.


  1. Question, completely unrelated to Canadian politics:

    Do Toronto fans miss the old Norris Division rivalries, like us life long Wings fans do?

  2. Most of the old Norris Division hatred has waned on the backs of Claude Lemieux, Patrick Roy and rest of those dirty Avalanche.

    Altho, Joe Sakic has given up #19 several times in deference to my Captain, so at least I respect him.

    Basically I wax nostalgic of the old Home and Homes with Chicago and Toronto.

    On a side note: how can you hate the Blues? Isn't it a guaranteed win whenever you play them this season? Seriously, I know beer league teams that can skate with them.

    But, I digress.

  3. Is there where I can leave my "I told you so" note to all the Leafs fans who called me a loony when I suggested the Leafs were screwed if McCabe went down?


  4. Anyone who grew up playing NHL '94 simply cannot hate the Chicago Blackhawks.

    J.R. was unstoppable.

  5. Speaking of unstoppable J.R.

    I'm sure you've all seen this but it's still funny as hell.

    He's following in Hrudy's footsteps and gone all Hollywood on us.

  6. Oooh, ooohh NHL 94!!!

    I'd have to go with Detroit.

    Stevie Y
    Ray Sheppard
    Dino Ciccarelli


  7. OOOOH!

    Ciccarelli should be in the HOF.

    And Ray Sheppard was the best hockey player ever..... standing still.

  8. I am very disappointed in the Leafs this year, and especially after tonight's game. Where is the toughness? Is it the new rules or what? There seems to be very few players (like Allison) that are willing to work hard, and make the opponents pay a price.

    They seem to afraid to play the man. The Leaf opponents have no fear of playing in the Leafs zone.

    Further, I really don't like the "new style" of hockey at all. The referees all seem to be competing with each other to see who can catch the most minor of infractions to the point of calling anything at all that might remotely be a penalty.

    The last paragraph has nothing to do with my observations on the Leafs as all teams are having to deal with this crazy "touch a guy with a stick, get a penalty mode," but in general, I'm not as entertained with NHL hockey as I used to be.