Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Anatomy of a Road Trip

By The Meatriarchy
So here's how three games out west went:

Outshot by Calgary (barely) 28-27 and lost (barely) 1-0
Outshot by Edmonton 38-19 won by a goal. (3-2)
Outshot Vancouver 38-19 lost by a goal. (4-3).

So I guess Toronto isn't the only team in the NHL that wins despite getting outshot. Perhaps our local media could investigate this phenomena? They seem to think it is a unique to Toronto and points to a serious flaw in the team's makeup - if you goalie is bailing you out then your team must be crap. Seems like a lot of teams have this issue.

The real story of last night's game was the McCabe injury. The Leafs defense core looked more than a little shaky (despite the shot total) especially in the first 5 minutes of period one where Crawford used the last change to get his top line out when rookies Kronwall and Colaiacovo were on the ice (why these two were paired together is beyond me). Kronwall in particular looked bad last night. His passing was awful and his horrible clearing attempt led directly to a Vancouver goal.

After last night's game it is clear that McCabe shouldn't be considered so much for the Norris trophy as he should for the Hart. This guy is definitely the Leafs most valuable player.


  1. The real story was Kesler's hit on Carlo, and the ejection he should've recieved, especially after Thornton's less vicious hit on Gill earlier in the evening landed him in the showers early. Not to mention the rest of the horriblly one-sided officiating.

    No excuses though. The Leafs handed the Canucks some goals, but were presented with a massive shaft from the refs, which ended up being the difference in the game.

  2. Um, isn't calling being handed a massive shaft by the ref 'the difference in the game' kind of an excuse?

  3. I think if a ref is presenting you his "massive shaft", you have a much bigger problem than just losing a hockey game!

    -Guys taking hits from behind.
    -Refs presenting their massive shafts.
    -Shafts of sticks breaking.

    If I didn't understand the the little nuances of this game I would think hockey is more of a fairy sport...

  4. How sweet was Colaiacovo's hit on Bertuzzi...


  5. Speaking of goalies standing on their heads, who knew Alex Auld could do it? Yeesh, I shudder to thinkof the rubber he would've faced had McCabe been in the line

    Steen's goal was an absolute thing of beauty though.

    But I would be remiss in my duties as a Canuck fan if I did not gloat, and point out that Anson Carter scored the GWG. That's right, Anson Carter. Waaaahnson Carter. Somebody call 9-Wah-Wah! The Leafs need a Waaaaaahmbulance!


  6. Mogilny who? Roberts what now?

    Typical Leafs fan, always living in the past. I bet your favourite number is "1967", eh?

    Maybe the Leafs will sign Mogilny, I hear he's a free agent these days. And at 37 years old and 3.5 million, he's a steal for the Leafs! He'd fit right in with their system!

  7. Have the Canucks EVER won a cup?

    Just wondering.