Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mike Tyson Is A Disgrace?

From CFRA's morning webpoll:

Should Ottawa Senator's backup goalie Ray Emery be told (by Sens management) he is a role model to children & should get rid of his helmet saluting disgraced boxer Mike Tyson?

Yes, Ray should be reminded of Tyson's rape and assault convictions and told to lose the mask (75.7%)

No, "Iron" Mike Tyson was a great boxer. The critics are just politically correct.(24.2%)

Total Votes: 1634

What is this, a black thing? Do the kiddies need to be reminded about teammate Dany Heatley's vehicular homicide conviction?

UPDATE: The Mask is gone. Time to go back to talking about his shitty 0.73 save percentage in his last three starts.


  1. What a joke...

    He's 23 years old, he likes boxing, and Mike Tyson was an amazing boxer.

    Do you think the kids that look up to him will actually remember/care who Mike Tyson was?

    They were talking about it for half an hour on the Team 1200 last night... idiots! Talk some hockey!

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  2. If Emery gets that freaky tatoo like Tyson then we have something to worry about.

  3. Only in Ottawa, I swear...if I had a buck for every time I heard one of those damned Barrhaven soccer moms phoning in to tell Bryden/Melnyk how to run their business (by hiring more "nice" players, etc.) I'd be fit to buy the team.

  4. Whatever.

    He should lose that mask because he looked like a sieve in net. Go back to "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler. Or hey, for the Canadian connection how about Lennox Lewis. That guy looks about 10 times more intimidating anyways and speaks with a man's voice.

  5. Mmmm... soccer moms.

  6. Hey, Hagler wasn't a saint either. I think he got busted for domestic assault or something.

    How about making a few extra bucks by making his helmet into an ad?

    Imagine facing a goalie whose head looks like a Chunky Soup can. That would be awesome.

    Maybe a mask with a Chuck Norris face on it?

  7. Ok, if we're doing the Chuck Norris thing, let's do the Chuck Norris thing. And for the videophiles, there's even a video.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

  8. Maybe Emery secretly wants to chew someones ear off.

  9. It's a helmet? Who cares? Is it OK for the Blues to be named after a genre of Music that is called "The Devils Music" by many.

    The Ottawa media are a bunch of idiots. Take a look at Don Brennan.

    Yeah so Mike Tyson isn't a great role model, but the last time I looked the role models are the players themselves and Emery seems to do a good job!

  10. Today's news reports say that Emery has shelved the helmet. Muckler was quoted as saying that a proven first-string goaltender might be given more leeway, but Emery hasn't met that test.

    As for Heatley's conviction? I wouldn't like it much either if Emery had Heatley's picture on his helmet. But Heatley was in a traffic accident in which a person died. I don't excuse the behaviour, but it's hardly assault and rape. ("Mommy, what's a rapist?" is hardly a question that needs to come up from watching a hockey game.)

  11. When ever Tyson comes up no one mentions the Mao tattoo that he sported once he left prison.

    A mass murdering dictator tattoo is ok, if its a communist mass murdering dictator.

  12. This just in from Jungle Jim on the Team - since he's been asked to remove Tyson from his helmet, Emery now sports one with OJ on it!

  13. HAHA, go OJ. I always thought he was innocent. Maybe after Emery's play of late he'll need Johnny Cochrane to come in and argue out his next contract cause he sucks.

    Emery is toast. I'd stick him back in the minors for a while to get his confidence back up.

  14. "But Heatley was in a traffic accident in which a person died."

    No, he drove so recklessly that he KILLED someone. He's made out to be some kind of hero because he came back to play. He's a disgrace.

    As far as the helmet goes, when the league changes the name of the blackhawks, then the discussion about political correctness can begin.

  15. Who cares?

    What a shitty topic of discussion!

  16. Anonymous. He was in a traffic accident where someone died. The reason the person died was that he was driving recklessly.

    I'm sure that behind the Snyder family, Heatly has gone through the most pain about it. It was 2 kids out having some fun and the result tells the tale. What Heatley did was wrong and he has been forgiven by the Snyders, something that show what a genuine and caring they are. I don't think I'd have the will to forgive someone who did that to my son or daughter. Heatly deserves credit for admitting what he did was wrong and the Snyders deserve credit for the way they've acted.

    I think it's a disgrace though that you make a statement like that and don't put your name behind it.

  17. "I think it's a disgrace though that you make a statement like that and don't put your name behind it"

    Okay, 'Yoda'.

  18. I agree 5-0,let's talk about how the leafs won't make the playoffs..K?

  19. I'm not saying put a real name up just one so that we know who were talking to as anyone can submit as Anonymous.

  20. Ya, or we could talk about how shitty the Sens were last night against the Devils (or Boston), or how shitty Spezza is defensively, or how he needs two superstar linemates to make him look good!

    Or how about how funny it will be when they get knocked out of the first round.


  21. Getting dissed by a Leaf fan - ouch.

    Time to kick some Penguin ass tonight.

  22. Penguins will win tonight. I'm taking Bets! How about public humility as the bet? Name the price!

  23. I bet you the Sens win 7-2.

    Loser has to do a lap around the office naked!

    2/02/2006 4:58 PM

  24. Do you like naked Muppets 5-0?...lol

  25. Only that hot blonde muppet with big lips!

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