Thursday, January 26, 2006

A question

I'm going to the game tonight and am wondering what you would say if I told you that a big part of me wants Montreal to beat Ottawa so that the Habs will pull ahead of the Leafs and sit in 9th spot in the conference?

3 - 0 for the home team with 4 minutes left in the second. The shots are 27 to 6 and they flatter the Habs!

Even more good news - the Leafs are down 4 to 1!

Update2: The morning after
I hope Gainey made those guys walk back to Montreal last night. They managed to tie the record for fewest shots in Habs history and maybe had less hits.

8-4 Sabres!

Of course, I may have wanted Montreal to get points last night but when I was there I was 100% Sens

We need to start seeing some Alfie for MVP signs in the stands!


  1. I'd say you also don't want the combination of a Toronto 8th spot Ottawa one spot do you?

    Even though you've beat the Leafs at every corner this year, outscored them like a football team, I'd say a part of you fears the Leafs in the playoffs, rather than being confident that the best team you've put together in a while could handle one of the weaker Leaf teams in a while.

    I'd say that Leafs have missed the playoffs before, but Ottawa hasn't beat them.

    Finally, I'd say you're playing scared. Way to represent your team. Why don't you go ahead and bet against the Sens tonite too, at least that way you'll actually make money.

  2. Adam - don't know who's in net but here's something more - I'm in the first level! Woo-hoo! It's nice having friends with tickets!

  3. I'll be at the game tonight too. I hope the Sens demolish the Habs since I'll be going to the game with my brother in law who's a Habs fan.

    I'm not scared of a Sens-Leafs playoff meeting this year. I know it's easy to say that things are different this year, but some crucial variables really have changed this year.

    1. Patrick Lalime will be in the ECHL and not in front of our net by the time April comes
    2.Dominic Hasek will be in our net when April comes
    3. Gary Roberts and Joe Niewendyk are gone from the Leafs. It's a cliche, but those guys were responsible for a lot of the heart and soul resiliency of the Leafs.
    4-1,000,000 Patrick Lalime is gone, Hasek is here. Even if Hasek gets hurt, I have more confidence in Emery than another "run" with Lalime.

  4. I've never been able to muster much hatred for Les Glorieux.

    My Grandad, my Dad, my brother -- all Hab fans. If they beat us tonight, no big deal and the Leaf fans really start twitching.

    A Habs/Leafs quarter-final is still many years away, unfortunately.

  5. It's not the Leafs but the Leaf fans we despise.Those big fat obnoxious pukes who can't hold their beer and the men are worse!At least Hab fans have class.You can rag them and they have fun with it.Go Sens,Go Habs,hope we meet in the playoffs.Leafs and Liberals suck!!!

  6. boy did Belfour look bad tonight. I mean, REALLY bad.

  7. Don, You can't put Alfie up for MVP. he means a lot to this team but he has a very talented supporting cast. I would put Hasek up for MVP before Alfie.

    I think a guy like Ovechkin or Jagr should get the nod for MVP.

  8. So Sakic and Forsberg shouldn't have won it? What about St.Louis?

  9. Its not like Alfie is two points behind Jagr for leading scorer with 6 games less played or anything... He is also not second in +- Yoda is dead right - those are not signs of an MVP

  10. First, Don can put up anyone for MVP he wants. Besides, I don't thinking encouraging people to bring signs to the game bears on any official MVP decisions. I'm not sure about all this posting updates from the game though Don, did you bring a laptop or something? Yeesh.

    Second, Alfie's 2nd in points, 4th in goals and Jagr's 1st in points, 7th in goals. And when he missed a few games, it became apparent how much he stands out as an all-round leader and game stabilizer on a team of stars. It looks like a reasonable proposition to me.

    In unrelated news, Leafs are on there way to 0-10-0. I heard it from a very good source through "Hockey Leaks" so it must be true.

  11. First, geeiwonder, I didn't say I was going to restrict the rights of Don to nominate Alfie for MVP. I'm not like the Conservatives will be once they finally are sworn in.

    Second, you have to look at how that top line contributes to eachother. If you take any one of those guy's away and it doesn't produce as much. You have 3 of the most talented players in the league on that line so it's not hard to get points.

    It's like playing on a line Lemieux or Gretzky, you're guaranteed to get points.

    When you look at what a guy like Ovechkin is doing, very comparable points to Alfie and Jagr on a te4am of Nobody's that tells me that he is more of a MVP candidate than someone with the same stats thats on a loaded team.

  12. I was just kind of joking Yoda -- didn't mean to jump down your throat or pile on particularly. And yeah. all credit goes to Ovechkin for some of the best highlight-reel goals of the year.

    Gotta love strife.

  13. No,no I was just joking to had to get a shot in at the conservatives!! Damn those bastards!! HAHA

    I just think a guy like Ovechking deserves it much more cause his team would be complete crap without him.

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