Friday, January 27, 2006

Let the Streak Continue Sabres 8 Leafs 4

By The Meatriarchy

I fully expect the tide to turn once Tucker and McCabe are safely back in the lineup but part of me would like this slide to continue with Quinn and Ferguson NOT getting fired.


Because it would drive Damian Cox so completely over the edge


  1. Ferguson will hold onto Quinn as long as he can - it's his get out of jail free card.

  2. I agree Quinn needs to demonstrate consequences to his players, but apart from that fault neither JFJ nor Quinn are the reason the team keeps losing.

  3. Damien Cox doesn't want the Leafs to fire Quinn or Ferguson. He'd wouldn't know what to write about if that happened. For that matter, he'd actually have to write something, not just change the date on an article he wrote 2 months or 2 years ago.

  4. perhaps he isn't really a person but a column-bot?

  5. They can't get rid of him until at least March. What happens if Quinn wins with TC right after TML fires him? What's worse, he could turn around another struggling team and end up looking like a genius, while TML ends up looking like the bunch of bums they are.

    Might as well just fire the whole team. The Leafs should deal Tucker, McCabe, O'Neill and anyone else they can get some young decent prospects and/or high picks for. Maybe Steen's team will be able to compete in a few years after Sundin retires.

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