Monday, December 05, 2005

You might be interested in this...

Ray: You said fuck.
Jerry Maguire:Uh... yeah... I...
Ray: Don't worry. I won't tell.

A Quiet Girl has a post with links (to video) detailing some of the 'behind the scenes' action that took place between Bryan Murray and a member of Kings broadcast crew.


  1. Is it just me, or did Murray's slight speech impediment take that blast of shit from "pretty good" to "outstanding"?

    [/roasting in hell for that, yes I know]

  2. Good call. I think the Sens looked pretty bad in my eyes that game.

    First of, what was Hasek thinking going into the corner with Avery?? I'm sorry but if you're dumb enough to go into that corner take it like a man and step up to the plate and don't back off like a snivling little bastard.

    Kelly, Congrats for stepping up to the plate. You got your bell rung but you tried.

    Chara, absolutely despicable. I draw the same comparison to Bertuzzi last year, you go out stalking a guy who doesn't want to fight. Luckily Gleason stepped up to the plate. Then Chara man handles gleason and throws him to the ice then starts punching him. What a dumb pussy, if you're going to fight at least give you're opponent a fair chance at fighting back by letting him stand.

    It was a horrible game and I agree with the guy's commentary on Murray, it was despicable that you send Chara out to fight the guy instead of a true fighter like McGratton or a gutless puke like Neil. Gleason is right up Neil's alley, a guy who rarely fights.

    In short the sens are a bunch of gutless losers that should get what will come to them.

    Luckily Havlat wasn't on the ice or we could have had Ginsu skate chopping through a Kings players throat.

  3. Yoda... when i read your comments - ignorant piece of shit comes to mind - watch the game before you make a comment like that - although im sure you'd much prefer the leafs bending over and taking abuse from LA - i guess we will see soon enough

  4. Ottawa did resort to goon tactics in that game. On two occassions they tried to initiate a fight right at the time of the faceoff. First McGratton attacks a much smaller Avery (who understandibly didn't want to fight McGratton) and then Chara attacks a much smaller Gleason and none of this happened until the game was out of hand (5-1). These were payback fights, not fights as a result of an individual incident on the ice. Regardless of whether you think they were justified or not, they were goon tactics. I don't know whether Bryan Murray tapped McGratton and Chara on the shoulder and said, go cause some trouble, but clearly Bryan Murray has had a rift with Andy Murray (Kings coach) from back in his Anaheim days and clearly he didn't try to stop his players.

  5. So how does Chara find someone his own size?(Chow Ming?)....Don't fuck with the Wongs!!!!!

  6. Graham, GFY, I was at the game and watched the replay of it.

    What did you have a problem with my comments. What Chara did was retarded. No need for stuff like that. If you're going to fight stand toe to toe like a man and go at it. Chara ain't going to lose to many fights so just go for it.

    If you didn't think Chara was sent out to fight then why was he playing the wing with Varada on defence in the offensive zone?

    Well if you want to dispute my comments go ahead thats what it is here for but if you have no response than other to say that anyone who says something against the sens is a "Ignorant piece of shit" then GFY.

  7. A comment such as "In short the sens are a bunch of gutless losers that should get what will come to them." is ignorant. If eddie was being hacked all game - would you want your intimidating enforcer tie domi stepping in? Or if a known fighter from the opposing team picked on one of your Rookies - but because your rookie isnt a pussy he defends his team only to get his ass kicked. Would you want revenge in some form? Lets not forget Kelly was outweighed by about 30lbs, about the same that Chara outweighs many guys by.

  8. I had no problem with Chara fighting, I find it pretty sad that he had to go on the wing and off the faceoff he goes after a guy who had no issues with Kelly. Then he man handles the guy to the Ice and starts punching a guy who can't defend himself. If you want a fight, the "Code" is you go over and ask the guy, you don't go over and punch him in the face then force him to fight.

    I also said congrats to kelly who tried but in the end got pummelled.

    I also find it funny that everyone in Ottawa couple of years ago said that fighting should be removed from the game, Don who is one of the guy's from the sight was completely adamant about it. Now that you do have a tough team, and I say that the Sens are tough, you are all for fighting? Sounds a bit hypocritical?

  9. I was personally never against fighting - After watching Roy and Osgoode go at it i dont know how anybody could be against it... Except maybe the yankees...

  10. True, I was just saying that a lot of the Sens fans, Don included were dead against it.

    Sure I may have gone a little overboard on the gutless comment but it just seems that the Sens with Havlat and some of the stuff that go on in that game have a few players who just can't have a good ol' fight instead of Kicking, throwing people around like Ragdolls, and Alfredsson trying to chop one of the Leafs guy's head off (Domi stopped him) it was a long time ago.

    The Sens need to leave the fighting to guy's like McGratton and Neil who are there for that reason.