Thursday, December 01, 2005

Fire Murray, Trade Alfredsson

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A day after shipping out their star, the last-place Bruins beat first-place Ottawa 3-0 on Thursday night, as the Senators were shut out for the first time this season and had a six-game win streak halted.

OK, no big deal, I honestly think we can hold off on the panic button for now - the 'Ruins were all wound up after ditching Big Joe and took it out on a Redden and Havlat-less Sens squad.

Like I said, we're bored. Bring on the west already - Kings, Canucks, Flames, Avalanche and Stars are coming up next.


  1. It's the second straight game they have been held to just 26 shots as well. That's about 10 less than the season average so their offense is a bit off the past couple games. It will be interesting to see how they deal with the adversity of both the injuries and a slightly heavier schedule in December.

  2. "It's still good-- just a little airborne..."
    Hold off on the panic button? Dude, you lost one game. With injuries. To a team undergoing Cosh's Ewing effect.

    Is this an indicator that perhaps Sens fans are two losses away from total dispair, despite a very good season? I'd like to think that this post is ironic, but can't quite do it. Are you worried it's going to strike midnight, and Patrick Lalime will reappear in net?
    It'll be fine.

  3. A loss to either Boston or Buffalo means the odds of Toronto NOT making the playoffs incrases.

  4. See? There's the optimism.

  5. Trade Hasek too - he's too old.

    3 goals?

    We want Lalime and Martin back!

  6. I seem to remember a lot of talk about Injuries not hampering the Sens but you seem to be using the excuse of Redden and Havlat being out as to why they lost. You sens fans are a bunch of Hypocritical retards.

  7. Man, sarcasm just does not go over well on the innernets!

  8. The post was definitely sarcastic and not ironic.

    For those that may sometimes get the two confused, remember:

    irony -- 'He hated mexicans! And he was half mexican! And he hated irony! -- To Bill Braksby!'

    sarcasm -- 'I will kiss and hugs some snakes, yes, yes I will kiss and hug some poisonous snakes.'

    Shame about Heatley though.