Sunday, December 11, 2005

Taken Down a Notch or Two

Time to revise those power rankings, folks.

I think the Sens mojo is still circulating the baggage carousel at YVR. My god, what an embarrassing couple of games. Spezza easily played his worst two games of the season (Wayne G. please take note) and the Sens 1 for 16 PP was simply appalling (this is this fourth best unit in the league, right?).

Dom - you the man. So long as you keep us in games we have no business hanging around in, you can charge at Bert and the Bobbseys all you want. Chara, your hour of play in two games deserved a far better fate than a -1 pittance. That backhand you gently placed into Kippers grasp was more a reflection of your team's softness on the puck than yours, alas.

If you at the division leaders in the west, they've taken 8 of 10 games from the east so far, while the Sens now need a win against Colorado or people will really start talking. That's the other issue with this new schedule - no opportunity for a mulligan. Come out flat, and they'll have your number for another season.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to get back to scrubbing the bile off my jersey.


  1. All we need to do is play some poor excuse for a team to get our mojo back.I wonder who that could be? Hmmmmm...I know ! Let's play the Leafs again.

  2. Didn't catch the Sens/Calgary game but I did see the Sens/Canucks tilt on Friday...

    Pretty exciting game to watch.

    Fairly close game but in the end Vancouver just outshot, outskated, outmuscled, outblocked Ottawa.

    Both goalies played amazing... As much as I hate him (and I do hate him), Hasek played stellar.

    That was the first game I've seen this year that had a playoff atmosphere to it. It made it great to watch. Maybe the Sens just weren't prepaired for it because their fans rarely get up for a game like Vancouvers' fans did on Friday.

  3. ummm nope - still number 1 in the rankings issued today (dec. 12) : "A shootout loss followed by an overtime loss puts a little dent in the armour, but it's going to take a lot of OT losses to bring the Senators back to the rest of the pack."

    Oh yeah Leafs -> 16 down from 14: " Three straight losses has the Leafs looking for answers (like perhaps putting Eric Lindros on the wing with Mats Sundin?) and G Ed Belfour still waiting to pass Terry Sawchuk on the all-time wins list. "