Friday, December 16, 2005

Anomaly? We'll See...

From the Globe:

The Toronto Maple Leafs view the 8-0 trouncing they absorbed from the Ottawa Senators 48 days ago as an anomaly.

So they have kept the videotape of the Oct. 29 massacre on the shelf and the Leafs players remind themselves that no matter how many times or how badly the Senators beat them in the regular season, their provincial rivals still have to prove they can come out winners in the National Hockey League playoffs.

In case they accidently tape it over with an episode of "Three Wishes" or something, there's a copy archived right here for easy reference.

As far as the Leaf goaltending goes, I was under the impression that Hasek was the one whose groin was on the verge of popping. Belfour hopes to "come out flying", but he better keep the ice bag handy. Something tells me Ed's going to be watching the third period of this one from the Byward Market.

[Mad propz to Office Glen's dearly departed I Hate The Leafs page for the pic]


  1. I predict a 3-1 win for the leafs. Any other takers willing to put it on the line?

  2. Hahaha! 8-2 Sens. Leafs suck, Belfour sucks.

    Its gotten to the point now where Spezza and Pothier are fighting Leafs.

    Ottawa is simply the better team.

  3. One could argue that Ottawa has been the better team for a few years now. But, like Bush faced with a pretzel, the Sens are going to have a while to go before the word 'choke' stops being the first thing anyone thinks.

    We've seen this before, but we're gonna need a different ending before they can be said to live up to the hype.

  4. Just saw the highlights over at If you watch Fisher's goal you can see Sundin just standing there, well away from the play while Fisher walked in completely alone. Might as well hand out lawn chairs to these guys.

    A thought on Alfredsson and Vermette's goal; Here's a tip to the Maple Leaf defensemen, you are not supposed to pass it to the guys in the red uniforms, they're not on your team.

  5. Ed Belfour, looking to move past Terry Sawchuk on the NHL's all-time goaltending wins list, failed to do so for the fifth straight start. He made 35 saves, but hasn't won since Nov. 28 and remains stuck at 447 career victories.

  6. I liked Belfour clocking Spezza though. What was Spezza thinking? he basically skated into the stick, there might have been some "spearing" (Sounds to harsh for what it was) but Spezza goes down like a ton of bricks and then finds out like a soccer player that no one cares gets up and goes after Colichavo? It was funny to see though! If Spezza is going to start to fight, McGratton, get the guy some lessons cause it looks like he has 2 left arms

    Then Neil does the same thing gets a stick put between his legs 5 seconds after goes down no one notices or cares and then gets up, waits a shift or 2 and has a fight.

  7. Yoda,my little green jedi friend,pehaps you can check up on 5-0.He semms to have disappeared.I hope he is Ok.It semms that with each trouncing he becomes less "stable".

  8. Duff. I'm sorry for not responding earlier. I had more to do than sit in my basement and blog it up all weekend.

    I was actually at the game on Saturday... and other than a few quick goals (weak on Eddie's part) in the third period, my prediction of 4-2 for the Sens wasn't that far off.