Thursday, December 22, 2005

Rumour du Jour

By The Meatriarchy

The great thing about being a Leafs fan is that there is alway a juicy rumour to talk about. I mean every player in the league at one point or another has been traded for Nik Andropov or a player to be named later. Or if it is a really good player like, say... Rick Nash, Jerome Ig.. Igin... Ign.. or Jaromir Jagr; Andropov AND a player to be named later.

After the Leafs blow out loss to the Sens on Saturday I suggested that Belfour should be moved and also that the Leafs should go after Bertuzzi to play on the wing with Sundin:

"...two of the next three goals were clearly Belfour's fault. Time to start shopping for a goaltender - Biron is available. What will it take to get him? doesn't seem like any of the wingers that Quinn gives [Sundin] are able to score. Bertuzzi is supposedly available. JFJ should move heaven and earth to get him to play with Sundin,

Now it appears my rantings have turned into rumour:

both Toronto and Montreal may be interested in the power forward. One rumour has Belfour going to Vancouver in exchange for Bertuzzi. Bertuzzi is a UFA after this season, while Belfour has a club option for next year, which the Leafs are almost sure to decline. The salaries are similar, and Vancouver needs the goaltending help. At this point, if the Leafs can trade the veteran goalie, they should.


  1. Lalime is available...

  2. Not a chance in the world that Bertuzzi is going to T.O.

    Sorry to disappoint, Leaf fans. It ain't going to happen.