Monday, December 19, 2005

Pot, meet Kettle...

By The Meatriarchy

This from Ecklund:

According to a few sources this morning, Mats Sundin got very much in the face of Jeff O`Neil recently following the game on Saturday Night, calling him out for his poor defensive play as of late. "Things got really intense, really fast," according to a source close to the scene.

Someone might want to point Mats to a certain replay of a certain goal that found a certain Senator alone in front of the net while a certain Swedis Captain stood by watching...

Also there are some rumblings that the Leafs might be about to pull the trigger on a trade. Last week the name mentioned was the Bruin's Glen Murray but I don't think an inter-divisional trade is likely.


  1. The leafs played better without Sundin this year . They better trade this cancer before it's too late!