Monday, December 05, 2005

The question everyone is asking

Are the 2005-06 Senators the best team ever?


  1. F off Don, they aren't the best team ever. Best team ever would be one of the Cup Winning Oilers teams. The Penguins of the Early 90's and the Canadiens of the 70's are right up there.

    Pull your bloated head out of the clouds.

  2. Hey, I'm only a vessel.

    It's all people are talking about on the streets of this country.

    I'll put you down as a 'No' then.

  3. Of course the Canadians, Oilers and Pens are going to be the obvious choice.

    Anyone saying the Sens are the best team ever (whatever that even means) are going to be accused of heresy and blasphemy and all kinds of other words ending in 'y'. And truth be told, t's way way too early to say the Sens merit that comparison.

    Still, at one point even the Oilers being the best team was heresy, until THAT became the accepted belief.

    Only the Flying Spaghetti Monster knows for sure what the future will hold.

  4. Sens are a bunch of goons...

    Picking on poor Avery/Gleason and the Kings.

  5. Heh, best to stay away from pretending this question exists, Don, as I've found out. The Globe can put it on its sports front, but mention it in your blog — watchout!

  6. At this point, some sort of dispersal draft will be the only way to bring parity back into the league.

    Sens are too good. It's just not fair.

  7. 93 Penguins were way better than the Red Wings of that year. THe 93 Pens are probably the best team ever to not win the Cup.

    If the Sens can keep it up all year then you can start comparing them. We all know the Sens track record in the playoffs!!

  8. I think he meant the 95-96 Red Wings.


    But no cup...

  9. 93 Pens record: 56-21-7

    In that case, the wings would be the best team to not win the cup.

    Actually, I'd say the 85-86 Oilers were the best team not to win a cup, regardless of their record that year.

  10. 85-86 Oilers, pretty good but compare the teams.

    Coaching - Penguins (Scotty Bowman)
    Season Record - Tied (Equal # Wins and Ties)
    Goals - Oilers
    Assists - Oilers
    Goals For - Oilers
    Goals Against Penguins (Lower GA)

    Overall team Depth - Close to call but my Bias says Penguins

    Only Korean Born NHLer - Penguins

    OK Digging deep here, but the oilers still may have a advantage but I dispute it.

  11. Ahh yes, the 93 red wings...

    One of the best years in recent Maple Leaf hockey...!