Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday Morning Morose Thread

Ok, so the Leafs are about one more performance like last night's from being actually mathematically eliminated instead of realistically eliminated.

Is there anything to look forward to next year? Some of the performances since the last time the Leafs were written off might provide some solace until you remember that they did the same thing last year...and the year before that...

Want some depressing thoughts? What if Mats retires this summer?

Meanwhile, the sens' half of this site are rejoicing but should they be? Sounds like there will be a tonne of work to do this off-season.

As for this season, it's just a matter of in what painful way it will end.

This way is impossible:

This way seems just as unlikely:

So in what painful way will another sens team come up short? My guess is in Carolina at the hands of Joe Fucking Corvo and Patrick "Who?" Eaves.

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