Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I don't envy you, Ottawa Senator fan. You have so much anchored to your mind these days don't you? All the possibilities. Missing the playoffs or winning the east and everything in between. It must be wearing on you? You must be having a few sleepless nights? A few of you, if not already, will probably go insane in the next 25 days. I know for me, it will be fun to watch.

It's not like that in Leaf Nation. Instead there is an utter sense of clarity and relief. Statistics have ceased to matter. Standings have ceased to matter. The future, in a way, doesn't even matter. All that counts is the next game. Win it, and live to see another day. Lose it, and well, you're gone. There is something so peaceful in the simplicity. There is something so nice about knowing the pain will soon be over...

Philadelphia @ Toronto 7:30pm
Boston @ Ottawa 7:30pm

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