Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Clippings: March 4th

"Somehow, the Leafs have managed to put it together since (the trade deadline), led by the "Frozen Five" – the very veterans who refused to take the easy way out of town via trade."

I like Cox's "The Muskoka Five" better. Can't we just coin this phrase and move on? How does one coin a phrase anyway? How much does it cost? You know, besides finishing 10th and missing out on Steve Stamkos...

"It's been a very strange Leaf season. Cancer in the locker room was very real, very serious. Naked photos of a team member surfaced. The GM was fired. The team was booed at home regularly..."

Plus, Mike Myers made a movie about the Leafs turning around their fortunes and winning it all. Would you like sea salt or regular salt in that wound, sir?

"I talked to the referees during the game and I took a bad penalty," Murray said. "I apologized to them (his players). I put them in a bad spot. It was a 2-1 game and we had a chance to win."

How EVER did he get the nickname Cryin' Bryan?

"Washington 10 Boston 2"

Ovechkin winning the MVP race, Backstrom winning the rookie of the year race, and yet the Caps are in tough to even make the playoffs. Hey, this rebuilding stuff really works! Meanwhile Montreal who finished 11th last season make a minor move and bring up a rookie goaltender and they are winning the whole damn conference. Blowing shit up is overrated. Take note Leafs.

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