Monday, March 31, 2008


Hey Muppet, how are you doing today?

Not bad. A little under the weather. This damn cold that's going around finally got me.

Sorry to hear that. Hey, maybe Cliff Fletcher has the same thing?

Why do you say that?

He went on the record yesterday saying Kubina could be part of future plans in Toronto as he's been impressed with the way he's played.

Oh. That's odd. Didn't he try and trade him at deadline? Maybe he's just talking him up to try and up his trade value come June?

Or maybe he's just losing his marbles and needs to be moved out asap?

That could be it too. I heard that Burke is all over taking the Leafs job and it's only a matter of waiting until June 7th when MLSE can talk to him. It will be mere days after that.

Hmm. I'd rather have that guy who shafted Bryan Murray at trade deadline, what's his name again?

Jim Rutherford.

That's it. Him or Lou Lamerello. Although, remember last time an ex-Canuck exec came over to Toronto? Pat Quinn did pretty good here.

He did. I bet Melnyk will have a talk with Pat Quinn in a few weeks, when Bryan Murray is fired.

Oh Muppet, you are cruel!

I know, but hell, how DO you keep a GM who took a first place team into possibly missing the playoffs all in one season?

You think they'll miss the playoffs?

Well, they are one point out of 8th and four points ahead of the surging Caps. It's possible.

Man, that would be too funny. What would that mean for the BoO blog though?

Well, lets just say there would be a lot more of these conversations going on because all the Sens fans will have gone. Would you want to show your face around here after knocking the Leafs for missing the playoffs and then doing the same thing?

I wouldn't show my face around anywhere if I was a Sens fan.

Weird! I feel the exact same way?

On a last note, did you hear I have box seats to Thursdays ACC bout with Ottawa?

Get out! Nice one. You should make a big sign that says AFRAIDSSON and try and get that on TV?

I might just do that. I might just do that...

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