Saturday, March 01, 2008

BoOB Power Stats

When real hockey sucks, there's always fantasy. Here's the race as of Friday afternoon:

Can anyone catch the Mucklers in the final month or so of action? I think the highest score on any night was 56 points or something like that. If you consider 30 points a pretty decent outing and reference the average per night column (from the 150 nights since the season started) it's not impossible, but extremely difficult. Although keep in mind there will be some key positions running out against the maximum games limit (sort of like a salary cap for each team) and this could shake things up through the league.

In the other award categories, Storm From The East currently has the highest percentage increase in points since the All-Star weekend (the third highest absolute increase of 460.75 points) and while Varada may never win the Hart, he is definitely a shoo-in for the first annual Bryan McCabe Memorial Trophy.

Enjoy the final quarter, and watch your backs.

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