Sunday, March 30, 2008

It is too late for me, son.

Garrioch says this is 'The big question':
So, will it be Martin Gerber or Ray Emery Tuesday against the Habs?

No. It's not a big question now. It was a big question a week or two ago but Darth is playing come Game 1* and therefore he'll be starting Tuesday against Montreal. The decision was made - not everyone agreed - but it was made.

*For Leaf fans: Game 1 refers to the first game of the playoffs.

3 year old: "What's the playoffs Daddy?"
Father: "Oh, boy. The playoffs. I remember those. I think the last time our team played one of those games was around the time you were ...."
3 year old: "I was what Daddy?"
Father: "Never mind. Go to bed."

Update: Gerber is starting.

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