Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Welcome to the Comrie Era Ottawa!

Er, OK, so he's not that much of an impact player. But he does come away from his first Sens game with two assists, a decent showing on the power play and 60% in the circle. Comrie also brings over his number 89, the highest since Pierre Gauthier banished the "race car numbers" way back in the 90's.

There appears to be hope for we schizoid fans of Capital City. Sens have an unbelievable 11 points in the last six games since losing Spezza (then Fisher...then Vermette...). While Buffalo looked atrocious - the way Heater lit them up reminded me of another blue and white jerseyed Northeast club - seizing the opportunity to accumulate fourth wins against division rivals, given the roster situation they're in, will go a long way towards securing a playoff seed come April.

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