Tuesday, January 16, 2007


"This is not Wal-Mart. There are no discounts in this league."
- San Jose coach Ron Wilson

With trade deadline coming up and 11 teams jockeying for position in the East, there are no more nights off. No matter where you are in the standings. It's now or never for many clubs.

Ottawa host Washington, a team that might be fighting with Philly for the first overall draft pick this June if it not for Ovechkin's play this season. In light of the Crosby/Malkin duo, maybe it would be the best thing for them to mail it in? Ottawa may not give them a choice.

Toronto are in Tampa Bay who have been hot lately. Toronto have been anything but. The shred of positive for the Leafs is that our road record is decent and 12' 10" of hockey players are back tonight off the IR. According to Maurice our Powerplay and team-defense will improve with their return.
We'll see about that.

Predictions? Thoughts? 80's Rock Poetry?

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