Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday's Random Posting

A few conversation starters for our favourite afternoon of the week.

Darcy Tucker, who just happens to be the guy on the left's favourite player, has fought three times this year. His opponents: Paul Mara, Patrick Eaves, and Brian Sutherby.
A loss, a win, and a draw respectively.
Chris Neil has fought four times and is only credited with one decisive victory, that one against Paul Gaustad. I dug around and Gaustad has fought one other player this year - Alexander Ovenchkin. Draw your own conclusions.

If Raycroft keeps up these recent performances he will surely gain the benefit of an adoring chant at the ACC, much like the "Cujo" and "Eddie's" of the past. I pick "Razor" as the name we should call out. It's easy to remember, and has a nicer ring to it than Gerber's nickname in Ottawa which is "Backup".

Rogers Sportsnet has reported an average of 176,000 viewers for Sens games so far this year. A huge growth from 2004 when 50,000 was the average tuning in.
Asked why the sudden increase in ratings for games, an anonymous and very drunk exec at Rogers exclaimed: "Those post-game stationary bike interviews are a lot like the senators themselves: lots of talk, but going nowhere... sorry, what was the question?"

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