Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Home Ice Advantage

Last night, Kelly Hrudey complained about the pre-game celebrations at the Ice Palace. I have to agree that the indoor fireworks, blowtorches, rapelling mascots, etc. are a bloody bore. It's not just that all the teams do the same thing, it's that no one actually takes it far enough to strike terror into the hearts of the visitors. Consider this suggestion from 'case' at Covered in Oil:
i wanna see a cow thrown onto the ice at rexall and then sacrificed with hockey sticks, apocolypse now style [sic]

Now that is just an outstanding idea. In fact, pretty much any scene from apocalypse would do the trick. Like I said, though, you've really got to get the crowd into it. Build on the above scenario by flinging chunks of the freshly slaughtered cow over the glass and encouraging folks to smear the blood on their faces as war paint.

In an era of cookie-cutter arenas why not bring back that once-cherished intimidation factor?

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