Friday, April 21, 2006

Get In The Ring

No TEEVEE for me tonight, as CBC is going with Wings/Oil in my viewing region.

Regardless of how his debut turns out, you gotta love Emery's attitude. Word is he's busting out a George Chuvalo mask for Game 2.

Does Ray take fan gossip to heart? While googling around for a pic, I found this comment by 'Mr. Bryde' on a long shuttered Your Call thread:
I think there are a few things Ottawa should do in the coming months, either before the break, or before the March trade deadline: 1) Trade Emery. The guy has played horrrrible in his last 4 starts. The Mike Tyson thing, that just makes me upset...Chose a REAL hero to put on your mask...Has he ever heard of Muhammed Ali? To add to that, if he is a big fan of boxing, then put George Chuvalo on his helmet...Razor should take a lesson from George and learn about overcoming adversity.

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