Sunday, April 16, 2006

Chokerz 4Ever

Seems the Sens just could not (and most likely will not, ever) deliver that final roundhouse kick to the head of the Maple Leafs. Instead, they had to rely on their expansion cousins to pull off the feat (at the cost of allowing the Canes to regain top spot in the East). I was going to compare the first forty or fifty minutes of last night's game with the hollow and unthreatening stretches of play during the '04 series. Then I realized the Sens at least outshot the Leafs but were unable to 'solve' a suddenly Sawchuckian Ed Belfour. What was the most disgraceful scene, exactly? Tucker pounding on Alfredsson? The imposter skating around wearing Havlat's #9? Chris Neil chasing after Domi like a teenage girl desparate for attention?

I'm not sure what a 10 minute post-game airing of grievances can accomplish (do they expect to collectively locate a giant switch and place it in the "on" position?). I mean, if you can't get up for an opportunity like the one that presented itself last night, what will it take? The threat of another first round exit? Does anyone think the Flames or Oilers would have let their rivals off the hook so easily?

Round 1 Habs vs. Sens will likely begin Friday night. Judging by last night's pre-season level of intensity and the potential (Huet-Emery) goaltending differential I am not optimistic.

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