Thursday, April 27, 2006

Game Four Notes

- Big thanks to Don Cherry and John Tortorella, the Sens seventh and eighth man, respectively, for the bulletin-board material. Much appreciated!

- Yikes. Heard Fisher would be questionable for tonight's game due to swelling around the eye. This would be a huge blow to the absolutely wicked Schaef/Mach 9 line.

- At least scoring isn't a problem. 11 goals in the past two games ties their output for the entire seven game series against the Leafs last year.

- I'm switching up the drink of choice tonight. Moosehead will be called up, a change from Game 2's Keith's. Bonus OT mix will be a volatile combination of Five Star and Diet Dr. Pepper. Take my word - this is actually quite delicious. Alternative tipple suggestions welcome in the comments.

- 3-1 Sens victory (with empty-netter). Back home on Saturday to polish off the Bolts in five.

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